Paradise, unpaved. No more parking lot!

A Toronto woman cut through swathes of bureaucracy to convince City Hall to let her dig up her driveway and turn it into a pretty little environmentally-friendly garden.

Detail of   \"Paradise, Unpaved\" by Franke James.

Rainwater that falls on regular driveways goes whooshing straight into roadside sewer grates, carrying with it a load of road salt, pesticide residue, antifreeze, motor oil, & poo from my neighbour’s dog. Stormwater doesn’t get treated, so all that junk ends up in the lake. On the other hand, water falling on soil can soak in to nourish plants and quench the lake of fire that signifies the coming apocalypse replenish aquifers.

Franke James’ charming and inspiring visual essay is here.
Found this via the faraway Kottke.


3 Responses to Paradise, unpaved. No more parking lot!

  1. megan says:


    i think this is an appropriate time for me to bury my head in the sand and pretend nothing exists. nothing.

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