The wisdom of Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt (the stand-up comic who, among many other impressive things, did the voice of Remy the Rat in Ratatouille) has posted the commencement address he gave to his alma mater:

Bob Hope once said, “When I was twenty, I worried what everything thought of me. When I turned forty, I didn’t care what anyone thought of me. And then I made it to sixty, and I realized no one was ever thinking of me.” And then he pooed his pants, but that didn’t make what he said any less profound.

This speech is a blindingly good piece of writing. Patton Oswalt is so effortlessly profound it makes me want to sit at home in my underwear forever and never try anything ever again.


One Response to The wisdom of Patton Oswalt

  1. […] love me a good commencement speech: and a while back, pageslap blogged the transcript of another really good one: comic & writer Patton Oswalt’s address to his own alma mater. Funny, profound, […]

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